ANTEFIXE is an Architectural Association firm based in Parisian area, France.


It was founded in 2009 by architects Claude Rossi and Claudio Vivenzio in partnership.


Claude Rossi, engineer, graduated from the “Grandes Ècoles de France” Arts et Métiers and Architect D.P.L.G. He has had executive roles within industrial mechanical and subsequently in OCIL Management areas, as a leader of entities belonging to SAHU Industrial Company. In partnership with SAHU he founded an Architectural Office he managed himself.

Claudio Vivenzio, Architect, graduated from the University of Genoa, Italy, and specialized in Naval Architecture. Early in his university years, he started to develop his professional career designing homes/villas and commercial renovations. He works in partnership with Associated Architect Office RS, in Genoa, in both architectural management and shipbuilding areas. After moving to Paris, he worked as a project manager at “Studio Mainardi” Architectural office, where he developed important experience in retail design.


Rossi and Vivenzio work in partnership, implementing their years of experience and skills, for the most important Internationals brands taking maximum advantage of retail design, building renovations and revaluation

Our trades

Architecture & Engineering

Our team of Architects and Engineers will be in charge of the architectural parts of your project. They shall adapt to your original and unique planning concept, always taking into account your organizational and budgetary guidelines while respecting the applicable regulations and technical constraints. By integrating your codes and your values, they will create a space that will enhance the image of your brand.


Project Manager

The project manager will be your privileged interlocutor throughout the mission. He will escort you through all the stages of your project, from the definition of your needs, up to the delivery of the keys. He will be your personal point of contact and shall ensure that a regular work in progress reporting of your project is being done. Executing your project and ensuring its compliance with our commitments are his main objectives.


Works Supervisor

Our technical operational team which is constituted of Architects and Engineers shall conduct your entire project execution phase and oversee its application. They coordinate various specialist engineering contractors while supervising the works and make sure that your concept is respected. Quality of services and planning, budget as well as the administrative follow-up will be guaranteed at all times. The works supervisor will have a complete and comprehensive overall view of your project.


A multidisciplinary and international tailor-made team.